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Because of Winn Dixie

This is a book report which you can make as a notebook or a lapbook.  We did it as a notebook but I took a picture with it laid out on folder-sized paper so you can see how it would work as a lapbook.

For the notebook there are pages titled “Comprehension” and “Analysis” where the pieces attach.


For a lapbook one piece has to hide behind the papers in the middle which can either be stapled at the top right to the lapbook or can be placed in a big pocket.  (The reading smiley is provided.)

The pieces on the left plus the hidden one are the comprehension pieces.  The ones on the right about the development of the characters are the analysis pieces.  The middle pages are the synthesis pages, putting it together.  The middle pages include two pages which bring in Bible verses to discuss the story in view of the Scriptures.  Also, the last page is a HEALTH page about addiction and alcohol since the main character’s mother was an alcoholic in the story.

You can find all these pieces in the Because of Winn Dixie file on the sidebar on the right hand side.  Click on it to download.


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True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

This is a book by Avi.  It is a Newberry Honor book about a girl in the 1830s sailing from England to America, but it’s really a high-seas adventure story.

This takes the form of a notebook but there are lapbook pieces to attach to several pages.   Note: I didn’t have in mind to share this when I made it so I just grabbed graphics off the internet without considering if they were for public use.  So, I had to change them for the shared copy.  There are still just as many images, but they are just from clipart.

char1 It starts with the basics of the book: author, publisher, etc. and the child rates the book.

There is also a piece for describing the main character at the beginning of the book.


There are three pages about the story’s characters: on the good guys/bad guys pages there are pieces where inside you describe that character.

The third page is to copy quotes by a few of the characters.


Next comes three pages about the setting of the novel.  Since most of the book takes place on a boat, the second setting page is a list of places on the boat (such as captains cabin, brig, hold) and the child tells what they are.

The third page is a piece where the child copies sentences which describe the sea and staple them together and attach it to the page.


The next several pages are about the plot.  This page talks about the parts of a story, for example the climax.  There are cards in a pocket where your child writes in what the five different parts of the story were.

The next several pages are for one sentence summaries of each chapter.


This page has four pieces each with a sentence from the book.  Your child writes inside the literary device (such as simile) and write the definition (such as a comparison using like or as).  I provided a list of the devices and their definitions.

The next three pages are vocabulary where the definition or sentence is provided and your child writes which ever is not given.


The last page is a piece for descriptive words of Charlotte’s character at the end of the book.  Also a place for your child to write what he or she thought of the book (my daughter began it, “I gave it four stars because…”) and what your child would have done as the main character.

Sixteen pages are provided for you free!  Find the file for download on the right hand side.

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Bringing You Up to Date

I’m not going to repost all of our lapbooks, but I will post some pictures of what’s available for download in the sidebar so people can search for them in the blog.

Division Lapbook

division lapbook

My daughter came to me one day crying saying she couldn’t just read one page and know how to do division!  So we put away the textbook, and I whipped this up that afternoon.  The left hand side is called “Cake Baking.”  It has the same problem in multiplication and then the reverse problem for division.  You child will make the equation to solve the word problems.

On the right there is “Cake Eating.”  Here your child divides the cake pieces among my four children 🙂  There are little pockets to put cake slices in for each child.

The middle is step by step division problem solving for dividing by 2 through 5.

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Starting Fresh

This blog is was created for my family — but you homeschoolers are welcome to take a peak at some of the free materials I’ve made for my family and yours. Download as many as you like from the sidebar! It’s all free! These same files and others are also available at Simply Lapbooks Yahoo Group.

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