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Coral Reef and Five Senses Lapbooks

Here are two quickies for you:

The big kids worked together to do this coral reef lapbook, free at  The paper airplane looking thing is Rebecca’s five paragraph essay about coral reefs.  Joshua was in charge of folding it and attaching it to the lapbook, hence the airplane look.



Below is Samuel’s preschool five senses lapbook.  The two “My Five Senses” pieces are from the internet.  The one is from Homeschoolshare at

I can’t remember where the other is from and can’t find it online now!  The rest of the pieces I made for him.  They can be found at the Simply Lapbooks Yahoo Group which you can join by clicking on the link in the side bar to the right.

Here are the pics.

sense1Samuel is four years old.  He can read, but he was saying things like, “Something looks smelly.”  The lapbook helped him get all that straightened out.  There is actually one more piece that hadn’t made it on here yet.  Circles stapled together.  Each one reads something like, “I see with my eyes.”



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Squid Lapbooks

I fixed up a squid lapbook to share.  It’s available at Simply Lapbooks.  If you would like me to add it to the free lapbooks on the site, let me know.

jsquid1Squid Lapbook!

I gave the kids the choice of a prepared octopus lapbook or doing a squid lapbook themselves.  They both wanted to do it themselves.  They spent the last week working on these.  Like before they did all research online and made all their pieces themselves on Microsoft Word.


This is Joshua’s lapbook (7 years old).  He folded his paper (we don’t have file folders) like a regular lapbook and then inside taped another piece of paper (the same size and folded in half) so his lapbook has several pages.

His pieces are a mishmash of shapes, colors and folds.  Both kids did a “how to draw” section.  I thought those were really cute.


This is the same page with that page pulled back and the pieces opened up.


Inside the yellow page–facts and pictures from the internet.  If you look carefully at the design on the piece on the bottom right, you’ll notice it’s actually blimps over and over again.  He couldn’t help get in a transportation picture!


Turn the page again–more pictures and facts.

Following is Rebecca’s squid lapbook.  You’ll notice a big difference!  Rebecca is nine years old.


Rebecca wanted hers to open like a book so she just folded her paper in half.  She also wanted to make small pieces so she could fit on lots without extra pages.   I made a squid lapbook to share.  I took pieces from Rebecca’s and just make them bigger!


Here’s that page a bit bigger and the same page with the pieces open below.


rsquid3 These are the pieces under the worksheets she made and stapled inside.  The Squid Story has several pages in it.  She wrote about a boy named Joshua driving a submarine in the ocean to catch a colossal squid.  The piece with the penguin and person on it is about squid predators.

When we made our salmon lapbooks, I bought a slab of salmon for everyone to try.  But I have resisted buying squid!  Rebecca did provide several squid recipes in her lapbook though!

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