Update on our Math Lapbooks and Learning to Read

December 16, 2009 at 6:18 am Leave a comment

Here’s an update on our recent math lapbooks. You can see the lapbooks in the posts immediately following below.

Rebecca (9) is doing great on her long division.  She transitioned to paper problems without a problem.  The first day we just made the lapbook. The second day she wrote out the steps. The third day she did the three practice problems on the lapbook and then on paper. Nice and easy.

My 4 year old, Samuel, loves his counting lapbook. We’re counting through it 0-100 each day now at our reading time.  I saw him using it yesterday to figure out what number came next on a dot to dot.


Need little kid math papers?  Here’s a link.  http://www.kidzone.ws/math/kindergarten.htm


I really don’t “do school” with my preschoolers other than teaching them to read. For five minutes a day I sit down and do the next reading page, currently with Samuel, but I did the same with the others.

The extras like the lapbooks just grow out of life. I noticed him skipping numbers when he counted up higher and he loves to cut and glue so why not give him a lapbook to work on?  Most days I just give him his workbook where he can pick pages to do, a blank spiral notebook for drawing in and usually a maze or dot to dot.


Want a maze website good for preschoolers up to adult?  Here’s the link. http://www.krazydad.com/mazes/


To learn to read: I have used with my kids the McGuffey Primer. You can download it free online at the Gutenberg Project.  I do sight reading when they are 2 or 3 — 2 for my daughter, 3 for my boys.  I just show them the words for the day written out in big font a couple of times and then they read the next page in the book.  The book only uses the words they’ve already learned so that it builds each day.  Nice and simple.

After the primer I do the McGuffey first reader in much the same way except I don’t show them the words separate any more. We just read the new words in the book and read the next page right then.

At this point they can read the easy Dr. Seuss books and things like that.

After that they do phonics with Phonics Pathways, about $25.  It’s a single book. We do one page a day. Phonics is nice and easy for them at this point even though they are four because they can already read.

I’ve never done phonics games or any of that extra stuff in teaching them to read. I have never seen a need for it.

When they finish the phonics book, I turn them loose. My older kids read 2 and 3 grade levels ahead because of the early start.

I figure that teaching them to read is a lot more important than anything else they might learn at that age. Once they can read than schooling is easy. Just give them books!


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