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This is why I don’t have reading as part of school time. These are my kids (minus the toddler) during their free time.

Reading, from right to left: Frog and Toad Are Friends, A History of Us book 3, The Tale of Despereaux

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Daniel Boone

This fun lapbook is available for free from Dynamic2Moms.

They have lots of wonderful, free lapbooks for you on great topics!

Since this lapbook required little writing, we did notebooking pages on the French and Indian War at the same time, but I forgot to take any pictures of those. I will keep my notebooking pages in one place and put up a single file when we finish with early American history this summer.

I put up two posts today. Scroll down for more. 🙂

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Drawing Book Recommendation

While my daughter has always shown some talent for drawing, I haven’t really known how to help her develop. My friend who was an art teacher pre-babies recommended the book, Drawing With Children by Mona Brookes. I just handed it to my daughter and she read through it and did the drawings on her own. In 2008 (age8) she produced this:

A year later she did the same drawing (age 9):

These were made from looking at this painting in the Drawing With Children book.

Now this is the picture she just made today, 2010, still age 9 (10 in March):

She did it from this drawing:

This is in the book, The Art of Drawing. She just received it as a gift this month. That girl was only the second thing she had drawn from it.

On the first day she used the book, she made these:

This book really seemed to inspire a new level of drawing immediately. We’ll see how she progresses. Anyway, I thought I would share in case there are others who don’t know how to help your artists continue to improve their work.

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Iroquois Indians

The kids were missing lapbooks and were excited to have one to do for this topic. We did an Iroquois Indians lapbook by Jimmie (   It is found at Homeschool Share.

It is based on the book, If You Lived with the Iroquois Indians, but we didn’t have that book. We used the pieces and used our books and the internet to fill them out. There are more pieces available than we made.

We didn’t do our longhouse the same way as Jimmie did. At homeschool share you can see hers. We made our long house out of construction paper and attached long sides which fold in (accordion style).

Then inside the longhouse we made a little pocket by just folding up some paper and slipped inside the piece about longhouses.

the longhouse piece

One site with information about the Iroquois is

We read:  The Courage of Sarah Nobel, The Sign of the Beaver, Alone Yet Not Alone and Indian Captive. The last two are based on true stories of girls taken captive by Indians. In the first one, the girl keeps her faith and escapes. In the second one, the girl forgets her faith and remains. The last one isn’t meant to be sad, but what could be sadder? And when I say “we”, I mean I read the books and my kids read the books. We can read so much quickly because everyone reads on their own. I don’t have reading as part of school time. All I do is put out a book. Basically as soon as they pick it up, they don’t put it down until it’s read. 🙂

A warning about The Sign of the Beaver and actually Moccasin Trail talks about the same thing…there is a ritual when males come of age where they have to go out by themselves until they receive their helper, usually in the form of an animal. This helper will remain with them for the rest of their lives to protect them and help them in battle. This is really a form of demonization. This is something to discuss with your kids if they read these books. You’ll want to make sure they don’t get fascinated by it. I let my kids read about it and have talked to them about it, but they were already very aware of the spiritual realm. We have lived among the Roma (better known as the Gypsies) for the last eight years. As a people they are very into the supernatural and we’ve learned and experienced many things we never encountered in the States. We’ve known people with “helpers” and we’ve known “helpers” to leave in Jesus’ name!

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Thinking School

Here are some links we use for our “thinking school” time. Most of these are for any age. The first one I’ll post below is for SET online. My son finished this once in 42 seconds. I’ve never gotten below 1:20. You can play these along with your children and keep your brain tuned up. 🙂

Set Online : Comparing, contrasting, classifying

Quiddler Online : A word game (build vocab and spelling)

Logic Cube Online : starts very simple, gets really hard (has picture ads)

Printable Sudoku, Kidoku (kid version of sudoku), Kakuro, Mazes, Crosswords

Two of my personal favorites I remember from elementary school…

Logic Puzzles (online or printable)

Brain Teasers

There are plenty of others out there. These are just what we are currently using. Have fun racking your brain!  I linked this post on Thirsty Thursdays at

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The Tale of Despereaux

Here are materials for The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo.  This  file is available in the side box and at the Yahoo group, Simply Lapbooks.

You can make this into a lapbook or use it in your notebook.

There are pieces/pages for each main character.

I made pieces which you could just put in a lapbook, but I also made a page to attach them to if you want to put them in a notebook format.

There are a few just plain pages without lapbook pieces.

Other than characters this also covers: forgiveness and conformity.

This has a notebook page to  attach to as do the conformity lapbook pieces.

****ATTTENTION****  I have an announcement. I have written a novel. I am hoping to send it to a publisher in February. You can read about it and even read a sample chapter at

I am hoping to build up fans on a facebook page to show a publisher there is interest. If you have a facebook account, please become a fan. You can find the facebook link at the blog I’ve created for the book. And please tell others!

Please take the time to stop by the blog and read about the novel. This is a really big deal to me!

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Jamestown — Mayflower

Moving right along…my daughter has been working on this model of Jamestown while my son assembled the mini-lapbook about Jamestown.

Here’s mini-Jamestown, not quite complete yet, but I wasn’t patient enough to wait another day to take a picture 🙂

You can download this at It’s part of a sampler of their materials.

Thanks to my friend Marie for emailing me about this free offer and for mailing me three sheets of card stock to print it out on. Everyone needs a friend like Marie!

This mini lapbook fits on a single sheet of paper. It requires no writing. I bought it for $1 at Currclick.

I bought one expensive lapbook once, like $14. I was so disappointed that I had spent the money on it. I just thought, “I could do this myself.” So I did. And I sort of made a pledge with myself to never spend more than $1 on a lapbook.

We started on the Mayflower while we were waiting for the card stock package to arrive so we ended up simultaneously doing Jamestown and the Mayflower. I gave my daughter a notebook page each day and she wrote a pretend diary entry each day. One of books she read was The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple. My son did a few Mayflower worksheets.

I made the notebook pages.

Scroll down at for Pilgrim Worksheets

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