Johnny Tremain Unit Study Materials

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We’re still not finished working on our study of the American Revolution, but we’ve finished putting together the lapbook so I’ve got pictures to share. Here are some pictures and descriptions of the materials we used to complement our reading of Johnny Tremain. I didn’t get pictures of absolutely everything, but most of it. If you have already downloaded this, I made a change to one of the math pages. I have the link to download just that one page below.


These are the vocab pages. Three pages list the words and their definitions and the student is to copy the sentence from the book where it is found. The fourth page has the sentences from the book and the student is to look up the definitions. The “Action!” page has the line “I think that I can do it” written on it. The student is to say that line shrewdly, glibly, diffidently, etc. (all vocab words). All the directions for how to use the pages are included in the materials. Hope you have fun acting out your vocab!


There is a page with a descriptive quote to be copied from the book. There are three art projects based on the quote.


The writing portion includes: two writing prompts, three pages about descriptive writing including a lesson on similes (directions and examples are included) and a poem lesson based on Longfellow’s Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.


Fire safety might fit under health, not science, but I have listed it here. When in America, Pennsylvania is our home state so we try to follow their guidelines including having fire safety in our curriculum. We sneaked it in here since Johnny experiences a bad burn. The other topics on the notebooking pages are Hylas, melting silver and healing from a bad burn. If you’ve read the book, you’ll recognize the melting silver and healing from a burn, but Hylas? On that notebooking page there is the quote from the book  where that comes from.


Here are two pages of word problems and two pages about scale drawing (a mapping skill). I changed something on the word problem page pictured in the front here. If you have already downloaded this and want the corrected sheet, click here Math fix .

You can download all at once all of the above materials by clicking on the “Free Stuff” button at the top of the page.


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Readers American Revolution Lapbook (and Notebooking Pages)

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