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I have been using the free Language Arts Curriculum that I wrote up to share. I have the curriculum printed out as well as the grammar and English pages of the Links to All Things Free for Homeschoolers blog. I have put them all in the front of my big binder. Before we started our school year I also printed out all the grammar worksheets I thought I would want to use. I put all those in my binder too. I pull out about one a week and slip them into my children’s binders. I check off the things in the curriculum as we do them.

We are going straight through it. We have done poetry and a month on nouns and pronouns and are now on verbs. Twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) they do online activities related the grammar point and some sort of written exercise, either a worksheet or just one of the activities listed in the curriculum.

Tuesday they are doing creative writing. Sometimes I let them write whatever they like. Sometimes I give them a prompt related to our studies. The curriculum gives prompt ideas. I let them loose on these days and don’t make them edit at all.

On Thursdays we go to a co-op during our school time, and I don’t make them do any other school.

On Friday they do non-fiction writing. We spent a month writing a newspaper article. This month they are writing a biography. We work on these for the whole month on Fridays. One week they research. One week they outline. One week they write. One week they edit (and I give them my editing notes.) They do all their writing on the computer, so there is no rewriting, just fixing.

For their biographies I made them pick a topic from the biography book section at the library. They are so used to googling everything that I wanted them to use real books this time. They wrote the bibliography information from the books they used, each book on an index card.  Then each of those cards is labeled with a letter. Then I told them to write one fact on each index card and to label the card with the letter of the book they were using and the page number they found the fact on. I describe this in the curriculum.

Here is a picture of my children organizing their fact cards into categories. This pile is about his growing up. This pile is about after he was famous, etc….  Then each of those piles is ordered how they think best. Then the piles are put in order: first, second, third. They have their outline done! Next week they will just work through the cards, typing each of those facts with transitions. Each category will become a paragraph.

You’ll notice I added a Currclick ad on the page. My husband has become one of their teachers. He is teaching German. The class is for middle and high school students. If you are interested, I highly recommend him as a teacher 🙂

I also have gotten some old pictures up here if you want to scroll down. I have a picture of my wall map/lapbook that we started (on the oceans post) and a picture of my 5 year old’s weather chart on the “Up Where the Air Is Clear” post.


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Oceans (lapbook freebie!) The Tundra–Antarctica–Inuits

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