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The King Will Make a Way Bible Study for Students

This one is easy on the printer. Here is a 16-page download (very little color) with Bible study topics related to the book, chapter by chapter. There are 10 verses for your child to look up, copy and discuss. Each is related to whatever is happening in the book and there are questions to prompt discussion or a written response. These are collected in a pocket for the lapbook if you choose to make a lapbook. There are two other lapbook pieces as well and a notebooking page about dreams in the Bible.

There are also other topics addressed with discussion-prompting questions. Here’s a sample from one of the chapters.

Chapter 11
Romans 12:19 *Lapbook piece
Read/discuss/memorize/copy Romans 12:17-21. How do these verse relate to what’s happening
in chapter 11? You can find the lapbook piece at the end of this collection.

Philippians 3:20 *Lapbook piece
Read/memorize/copy/discuss Philippians 3:20, Hebrews 11:13-14, 1 Peter 2:11, Ephesians
2:19 How are we strangers on earth? What “country” do we Christians hold our citizenship
in? What are Father and Percy and the others trying to defend? What should we be defending?

There is one other lapbook piece which would fit on this page. I would suggest putting them on half a file folder, punching holes in the side and putting it into a binder. Then you can add in the notebooking page and any of the other materials as well.

HERE’S the DOWNLOAD: Bible Lessons for Students

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Download the Book: The King Will Make a Way


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The King Will Make a Way Unit Study

Here is the unit study materials to go with The King Will Make a Way. They are in the same format as the language arts materials.

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This is a 79 page download full of unit study lessons to go along with your reading of The King Will Make a Way. There are lessons, workbook pages, lapbook pieces and notebooking pages all organized by chapter so you can work on them as you move through the book. Pick and choose between the subjects and topics. This download includes science, math, history, social studies, art, music and even cooking.

These are aimed at middle school and high school students, although upper elementary school students could use the lapbook pieces and notebooking pages. There are some advanced lessons though for high schoolers, so pick and choose what’s best for each child. I hope some of these lessons will spark some interest in maybe some new areas you haven’t explored yet with your children.

These are just SOME of the lapbook pieces…

Here are some of the pages in the download. There are many notebooking pages and there are many lessons which include workbook pages. At the end of the download there are answers for all the workbook-type pages.

Topics include: Food Preservation, Accounting, Pie Crust, King’s Hill (art), Map, National Anthem, Dominant/Recessive Genes, Animal Husbandry, Probability, Carving, Pioneers (writing), Biomes, Pearls, Rising Agents, Precious Stones and Metals, Deer (art), Raisin Bread, Hail, Clouds, Percussion Instruments, Color Wheel (art), Seasonal Tree (art), Propaganda, George Muller, Biological Warfare, Viscosity, Trajectory, Thickeners, Crackers, Moonrise, Music Terminology, Cannons, Work (physics), Pillory, Chess, Smell, Battle Plan (art), Bucket Brigade, Fire, Sparrow (art), Melting Point, Harmony, Glass Making, Looms, Peregrine Falcon, Rivers, North Star, Paragraph and Essay Writing

Some of these are lessons where the information is taught. Some are lapbook pieces or notebooking pages where you have to do the research (like learn about the bucket brigade) and some are just suggested related ideas to pursue. Everything is related to the book, chapter by chapter.

I would suggest putting your lapbook pieces on half of a file folder, punching holes in the side of the file folder and putting it into your binder. Then you can have your lapbook pieces, notebooking pages, workbook pages and art lessons all together.

HERE’S THE DOWNLOAD: Unit Study Lessons

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The King Will Make a Way — Language Arts

Here are the language arts materials to go with The King Will Make a Way. I would recommend these for everyone.

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Here is a 42-page download of only Language Arts lessons, lapbook pieces and notebooking pages for your child.  There are many different options of lessons and ways to do them all organized by chapter so you can do them as you read through the book. There are six lapbook pieces…

There are notebooking pages…only a couple are shown mixed in here. There are seven notebooking pages all with lined and no line options.

And you’ll see mixed in here with notebooking pages are workbook pages which include full lessons with examples from the book and a section for the student to try it. There are ten of these lessons in the download, all correlated to the book.

These are aimed at middle school and high school students, but there are many things that upper elementary school students could do. In general the lapbook pieces are made at an easier level than the workbook pages. But something like this simile workbook page could be done by many age levels with different expectations of what they will produce.

Here are the topics covered:  metaphor, genre, sentence structure, descriptive writing, types of sentences, parallel sentences, simile, irony, oxymoron, dialog, uncommon punctuation, extended metaphor, lie vs. lay, anthropomorphism, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia

There is also a suggestions for writing a letter to the author or a book report. There is a contact email included so you can send them to me. I will try and respond as long as it doesn’t get to be too much.

Since there are so many things here, I would suggest putting your lapbook pieces on half of a file folder, punching holes in the side of the file folder and putting it into your binder. Then you can have your lapbook pieces, notebooking pages, workbook pages and writings all in one place.

Here’s the Language Arts Download: Language Arts Lessons

There is also a small download of comprehension questions and vocabulary words for each chapter. The comprehension questions have an answer section in case you aren’t reading along with your child.

Here’s the download:  Comprehension and Vocabulary

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The King Will Make a Way

The King Will Make a Way a story for the last days saint has been published! Get your copy HERE!

From the back cover:

This end-times story of faith and perseverance is an allegorical tale set in a village long ago. Gabe is the only one who knows the true King is still  alive, but Vulpine is determined to become king himself and will stop at nothing to force the villagers to give him their loyalty.

Through storms, plague and persecution, the servants of the true King learn that there is one thing they can always be sure of — The King Will Make a Way.

“This is really magnificent. ‘Vivid’ is the word that comes to mind. Your language is rich…and the story itself is immensely compelling.”  Leslie Komarnicki

“You are in good hands when you read The King Will Make a Way. The author has crafted a carefully paced, well developed plot that will leave you challenged and inspired. The story is pure delight, not sentimental, but truly satisfying.” Ned Erickson, author, Falling into Love


Please pass this link along to others and help me spread the word. You’re even supporting missions when you do 🙂  I am also offering the book as a pdf download for free. If you aren’t able to buy the book, please feel free to get the download. If you are able to buy the book, I would encourage you to do so because I know many people who asked for the pdf version to read and review and then never got around to it because they weren’t used to reading on the computer and didn’t want to print out a whole book to read. The book is $9.97 and for all the FREE homeschool materials I’m going to provide for you, it’s worth the price. I think it’s a GREAT book as well!

It is my prayer that this book will challenge and inspire you, not only to walk by faith but to give yourself wholly to following the King.

Over the next week or so , every few days I’ll post another part of the homeschool materials for the book. If you want them all now, go to the book’s blog,


EARN MONEYRead here how you can earn money selling copies of The King Will Make a Way


BUY THE BOOK! ($9.97)  Share this link with others!

Buy the Kindle edition ($6.45)

(Leave a review on after you’ve read the book!)

Download the pdf: The King Will Make a Way (WARNING: If you are not used to reading books on the computer, please consider buying the book. I want you to read it! I know most who download it will let is sit on their computer unread. It would probably not be much cheaper to print it out and the amount of free homeschool materials I’ve made to go along with the book are worth more than the cost of the book.)

Read a sample chapter, about the author (me) and reviews at

All you bloggers out there please write about the book if you read it.

Here’s the link to the page to buy the book

Here’s a smaller cover picture you can use.

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