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Here are the language arts materials to go with The King Will Make a Way. I would recommend these for everyone.

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Here is a 42-page download of only Language Arts lessons, lapbook pieces and notebooking pages for your child.  There are many different options of lessons and ways to do them all organized by chapter so you can do them as you read through the book. There are six lapbook pieces…

There are notebooking pages…only a couple are shown mixed in here. There are seven notebooking pages all with lined and no line options.

And you’ll see mixed in here with notebooking pages are workbook pages which include full lessons with examples from the book and a section for the student to try it. There are ten of these lessons in the download, all correlated to the book.

These are aimed at middle school and high school students, but there are many things that upper elementary school students could do. In general the lapbook pieces are made at an easier level than the workbook pages. But something like this simile workbook page could be done by many age levels with different expectations of what they will produce.

Here are the topics covered:  metaphor, genre, sentence structure, descriptive writing, types of sentences, parallel sentences, simile, irony, oxymoron, dialog, uncommon punctuation, extended metaphor, lie vs. lay, anthropomorphism, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia

There is also a suggestions for writing a letter to the author or a book report. There is a contact email included so you can send them to me. I will try and respond as long as it doesn’t get to be too much.

Since there are so many things here, I would suggest putting your lapbook pieces on half of a file folder, punching holes in the side of the file folder and putting it into your binder. Then you can have your lapbook pieces, notebooking pages, workbook pages and writings all in one place.

Here’s the Language Arts Download: Language Arts Lessons

There is also a small download of comprehension questions and vocabulary words for each chapter. The comprehension questions have an answer section in case you aren’t reading along with your child.

Here’s the download:  Comprehension and Vocabulary


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