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Sorry for the fuzzy picture!  Here is the last of my geography lapbooks and the first I ever made so there are a lot of “staple together” pieces before I learned better folds. 🙂  The tab book is history and culture with the info already written inside. There is language, facts, a a couple of geography questions to answer, weather, personal photographs from around the country and personal recipes from what I learned living there. I used to go once a week to a friend’s house and we’d shop at the bazaar and then cook together. Then my husband would bring the kids and our families would eat together. That was way back when I only had 2 (not 5) kids. The map included is a recent one which includes the country of Kosovo. The region has changed a lot so make sure you are learning from an updated map! You can download it from the Free Stuff! page. Like the others there is money math, Bible connection. I believe there is also a link to watch Macedonian folk dancing.

My son made a movie about Macedonia. We have a new digital way to make projects. Scratch is a computer programming language for 8 and up. There is another one for high schoolers. It’s just click and drag, but it can get a little tricky. You can make video games, movies and such. In his Macedonia movie this blue car (see below) travels around the country and my son recorded his voice talking about the different places as the car visited them.

A still from the movie


Below is the lapbook we did on Italy from Homeschool Share. It has on there lots of links to videos from Italy that we watched as well.


Next post I’ll give you the wrap up of our language arts for the year. And if you are interested in Scratch, here is a link to watch the ecard we made this morning for my father. (We had to click to watch it with the Flash player to get it to work. If it says “Go Eagles,” then it has started playing automatically.


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Turkey Lapbook

We finally got to do our Turkey lapbook. This is one of those geography lapbooks that were the first I ever made. It has history, facts, language and weather. There are also photographs and recipes.

Like all of the country lapbooks in the back of the material is a page with some extra info, money math and Bible connection. Turkey has tons of connections to the Bible. You can see the one question there, “Where in Turkey did Noah’s ark land?” Mt. Ararat is in Turkey as well as every church in Revelations and many of the places Paul visited on his missionary journeys. There is a photograph from Ephesus in the pictures included.

We’re finished with the Middle East now. We did go on a couple more field trips. We went to a museum with wax figures at the loom, making pottery, etc. We also visited this tombs carved out of the rock in the ground. It is in the location of an ancient Hittite village. It was pretty cool to see a tomb like where Jesus would have been laid and to see the big round rocks that were rolled in front of the doors.

The Turkey lapbook is on the Free Stuff! page for download. Now we’ve started Europe and it will be our last destination. June will end our school year and July will start our new one. I’ve started getting ready. We’ll be doing 20th century history and physics and chemistry. I’ll have a 6th grade girl, and boys in 4th, 1st and preschool. (And of course the baby)

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Museum Day at Home

There’s a new, GREAT review of The King Will Make a Way, over at The Basics of Life.

Yesterday our internet was out. The kids use the internet for about an hour each day (especially since their math is on there), so they had some extra time on their hands. My daughter has been working on making a museum. She has two pieces so far, a broken pot she found in the trash on a walk one day and a small pot she made from mud and painted.

My son decided he needed a museum too and built his yesterday afternoon. It was too cute to not take pictures.

He had several "fun facts" posted around the room.

He also had several hands-on experiment exhibits.

On the way out you could stop by the "Muveniers Shop" -- souvenirs at a museum, get it? -- and pick up a paper boat or a plane. Everything is free!

By the way we have one baby pigeon on our balcony. It was born yellow but is getting bigger by the day and turning gray. We’ve watched the mom feed the baby out of its mouth and have seen it take its first steps.

Don’t forget to stop by and read the review. I was excited to read that her son started saying, “God will make a way” after reading the book. I do want people to learn that they don’t have to fear what’s happening in the world but can trust God to “make a way.”

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