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Another Great Review!

Debbie over at Debbie’s Digest has posted a review of my book. Take a look. Here’s one quote from the post:  “I have only one regret with this book… that I did not make it a priority to read sooner. I loved it!” She plans on having her high schoolers read it for school next year.

So, have you read it yet? You’re missing out if you haven’t. Remember, for all my fellow homeschool moms out there, I have it free for you to download on the FREE STUFF! page. Let me know when you’ve read it!


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Free Geography and Cultures Curriculum

I wanted to let you know that I’ve competed the next curriculum, geography and cultures. I’ve posted it over at the Links blog (Links to All Things Free for Homeschoolers), but I will put it on the Free Stuff! page too.

As you know this was our history/social studies topic for the past year. I did it one country a week, but you can pace yourself however you like. It’s set up a little differently since so many things could be done with every country. I didn’t want to just repeat myself, so in the beginning I have listed what and where to study for each country and a list of things to do with the country (lapbook, make a commercial, etc.). Then in the main part of the curriculum I listed specific resources for each country.

For reading there are folktales for each part of the world as well as missionary stories and several novels. For the first time I did list some novels that you could get from the library. I hate to do it because I know there are others like me who have no access to a library, but I also want to help those of you who do with some hints of great books that would relate. These are not necessary. There will always be something to read everyday without extra books from the library. But if you have that option, you may want to use those for your reading.

Okay, have fun. Now I can focus on the materials I’m preparing for the coming school year. We’ve been slacking off this month. The kids are only working on their novels and then basically unschooling the rest of school time 🙂 My husband’s anxious for them to get back to a full school schedule, so I gotta finish getting ready! Lots planned. We’ll see what I accomplish.

Here’s the download: Geography and Cultures Curriculum



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End of the Year

We’re finishing up our language arts curriculum for the year. I’ve been following the curriculum I wrote up. You can find it on the freebies page and on my freebies blog.

Our last grammar topic was prepositions. My kids each filled out this treasure hunt page and then swapped papers and found each other’s treasures. This is from Pratical Pages where she has a more involved (and fun) way to do this. I always do things the simplest way.

We skipped writing the research report. During the year for some of their non fiction writing they had already done research, organized outlines and written paragraphs/essays and I felt that was enough for this year (my oldest was fifth grade). But we are working on writing novels.

My kids worked through the Young Novel Writers workbook. I just printed it out once and they shared it. My son has written a lot. My daughter keeps changing her mind. Even my now 6 year old is writing a novel. I’m not sure how much sense it makes, but he thinks it’s hilarious.

We’re wrapping up our school year now. I’m typing up our curriculum for geography and cultures and preparing materials for our coming school year. We were able to talk to people from several different countries while we were studying this year. Want to hear a few of the interesting things we learned?

Our Christian friends from Iran said they didn’t convert from Islam, that most people in Iran aren’t Muslim, meaning they are secular, not practicing their religion.

A young girl from Afghanistan said their family had to leave their country because of the Americans because the Taliban was threatening them because they thought they were friends with the Americans. I thought it was so interesting to listen to her mindset that it was the Americans’ fault when it was the Taliban threatening them that made them flee.

A boy from Pakistan said he has 7 brothers and sisters and 35 cousins. My kids have 2 cousins. 🙂  He said his favorite food was hamburger, but when he described it, there was no burger in it.


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