Encounters with Nature

September 6, 2011 at 8:04 am 2 comments

I wrote before how we were desperate for nature and so started feeding the pigeons so that they would come to our balcony. We ended up with a nest of pigeons and soon one baby. Well after that things didn’t go so well. The mother kept laying eggs and they kept disappearing. We didn’t know what was happening until we found a six inch lizard in the kitchen. (The balcony is off the kitchen and the window are open with no screen.) We realized our pigeons brought predators. Didn’t think of that before we invited them.

We did a little research and not too many lizards eat bird eggs, so we thought maybe that was a coincidence. But the eggs kept disappearing. (They lay a lot of eggs.) Then we found a rat in our kitchen. This was MUCH worse than the lizard which scurried away immediately upon being shooed. While in the kitchen, it found my sack of potatoes. We threw the sack on the balcony, shut the kitchen door and prayed it would find its way out. Of course shutting the door may have not helped too much since it has a window in it with no glass. I kept thinking, “The mouse ran up the clock.” I was just hoping it would have the sense to leave and not climb up and out my kitchen door and explore my home. It did. Thank you, Lord.

But the rat stayed. It was living in a hole in the corner of the balcony, like underneath our kitchen floor. Makes me squeamish just thinking about it. I’m such a wimp. My husband poisoned it. We set out rat poison. I never even looked at the body. Husband come in so handy sometimes. But, the result can be seen above. We finally have new baby pigeons.

Actually, we tried really hard to keep them from living on our balcony any more. I don’t want any more visitors in my kitchen! We shooed and shooed, but they wouldn’t learn. I think we’re stuck with them. Only about two more months or so until I can shut my kitchen window.

And in semi-related school news, here’s my attempt at keeping away ants from our sugar crystal/rock candy experiment.

sugar water in jar, in bowl, on pitcher--no ants

BTW, that’s 1 cup hot water, 3 cups sugar, string dangled in with paper clip attached to the end, don’t let the paper clip touch the bottom


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  • 1. Misty  |  September 16, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    Wow! What an ordeal. Rodents creep me out, too! For a while when we first moved in this house, we didn’t know there were mice. Then one stuck it’s head up out of my baby’s chest of drawers! We caught one in a sticky trap almost every night for a week (10 years ago, but I still vividly remember)… under the baby (1 year old)’s bed! I would wake hubby up to come remove it and dispose of it. We later found a hole in the garage that led to the basement ceiling that led to the duct work in the house that let them in. That was when we found out we had termites… and we no longer have a ceiling in the basement. We also have a cat! Glad the rat is gone!

    • 2. The King Will Make a Way  |  September 16, 2011 at 8:38 pm

      I hate going into the kitchen in the middle of the night now. I get up at like 5 and now it’s dark and I wait to go in until it’s light (bedroom across the hall with a window in the door and I don’t want to let in light). It also didn’t help that one day I went in in the morning and there was a big roach in the sink. We don’t have any living in our house yet, but I’ve seen two so far trying it out. I hate roaches. Our last building had them just walking down the hallway. They would walk right in the front door in the middle of the day they were so used to living there! I’m such a wimp about all that stuff. I don’t need that kind of stress. We had an itty bitty lizard on Wednesday. I killed it after my husband attempted to catch it and missed. Ick!



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