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A little project on the four forces in flight — my sons made paper airplanes and labeled straws attached to them. Here are a couple of flight websites — Planemath and H.I.P. Pocket Change. These links and many others are on the Links blog and are part of the free curriculum I’m building. Things like the labels on the paper airplane are all included in the free curriculum.

We’re studying WWI for history, so we look at WWI airplanes: video. We of course also did the Wright Brothers. We’ve been using lots of videos from YouTube: cartoon, historical. This isn’t a video but the story of the Wright brothers in cartoon form. And here is an article from 1903 from when they first flew in Kitty Hawk (read it with the zoom feature).

I made up notebooking pages for the other aviators we read about: Amelia Earhart (younger), Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman, Charles Lindbergh. (I had my younger kids only do a written page for Amelia Earhart.)

Some nice things I’ve added into the curriculum as I’m writing it are things like: “Write neatly and do your best and give it to your homeschool parent when you are done so she can put it in your portfolio.” I collect about one thing per subject per quarter. It’s nice having it predetermined and to take care of it right away before something can damage their work. I also add in “congratulations” and “way to go” ecards from time to time and polls like “Did you finish all your work today?” or “Did you do your work as unto the Lord?” I try to put something in once a week.

My daughter is trying to participate in Sketch Tuesday. My daughter got this one done on something that glows. Last week she didn’t finish in time. She’s on track not to finish this week either. She keeps starting and then not liking what she did. I think it will be good if she can discipline herself to turn one in each week.

Around the house though she’s doing lots of artwork. She’s decorated all of my light switches with acrylic paint. I love it! I think they’re fabulous and they make me happy. I don’t like much about our apartment, so I love the embellishments!


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