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Do It Yourself

I’ve found some new ways to do-it-myself. I’ve made ecards, egames, equizzes. I’ve mentioned Scratch before. It’s computer programming for ages 8 and up. I’ve used it to make ecards.

Here are some of the ones I’ve made.  Birthday  Go Eagles  Bucket  They are pretty easy once you know a bit of what you are doing. Not very sophisticated.

My nine-year-old thinks he’s been there and done that. He’s moved on to making animated movies with Alice. This is supposed to be for teenagers. If you have a computer kid, these are great places to send them to get experience working with programming. They are both free. Scratch is a product of MIT. Alice is from Carnegie Mellon.

Just the other day I found two more ways to play. There’s make your own matching quizzes. It takes only as long as it takes you to type in your info. I need to try the different kinds. I made one quick off the top of my head and realized the quiz doesn’t show all of my input. You have to refresh the quiz and then it randomly chooses from what I entered. You can take a peek at my American Wars quiz.

Then I found another one that makes games for you! It’s called class tools. I have not tried everything on the list, but I quick made a science review with the arcade feature. Just like the other one, it only takes as long as it takes you to type. You enter the questions and answers once and out pop five different games. Wanna play?



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