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World War II part 2

We are finally to the end of our 50-day study of WWII. I’ll share some more of how we studied what. Of course, everything they did was an assignment in the curriculum I’m putting online. I’ve let some people start peeking at it. I guess I might as well let you too. Just realize it’s in progress. In a couple of months I’ll be done with one year’s worth of school on there and should have up course descriptions. I call it the Easy Peasy  All in One Homeschool. It’s like workboxes but without a room full of plastic bins. It’s a complete homeschool from history and science to math and English to music and art and more. Everything is free. It requires no supplies apart from paper and a pencil box of school supplies. Check it out. I really hope it will help people. It’s hard for me to put myself out there, but there you go.

Easy Peasy

Next in our WWII studies we came to the Holocaust. Of course, we read about Anne Frank and a diary excerpt and wrote on notebooking pages (younger version). We listened to a speech by Hitler. We watched a short clip of Jews wearing the star of David and then made them to wear ourselves. My oldest did several of these great quizzes which all use primary sources.

If somebody knocks on your door at four in the morning and you see a little eight year old boy alone, shivering in the cold, who was separated from his parents, who didn’t have anything to eat, and he’s begging you to let him come in. Would you open the door…knowing that if you did do that, that you’d lose your life…you and your family would lose their lives…by taking that little boy in? That’s not an easy thing to answer. Or would you shut the door and go to sleep?

– Ernest Drücker

The above quote is from the quiz I linked to. What would you do? We had some great discussions about what the Bible has to say about what our role would be in such a circumstance. When do you obey the government? When are God’s laws greater? Would it be okay to lie to the Nazi police if you were hiding Jews in your home? Should you tell them the truth? The Hiding Place with Corrie Ten Boom is also a good one for discussing those questions. And since I’m naming books, Number the Stars is a great one for kids. I prefer The Hiding Place which is for adults over some of the biographies of her written for youth. I’ve read ones that take away from the miraculous in what happened which bothers me. God’s grace and blessing was on her from start to finish even though she had to walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

We studied the Holocaust for one week and then used this Pearl Harbor lapbook and notebooking pages from Practical Pages. As usual I divided the pages between my kids. Here are pictures of what’s included. This is Nadene’s picture from Practical Pages.

Part 3 will follow. There’s more. Lots and lots more. And I wrote a fragment. But it’s bedtime, so it’s excusable. Goodnight!


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World War II part 1

Our study of WWII is fifty days long. In fact we’re not through yet. But I’ll share here the beginning of our study. There are just so many facets to it.

First we started with the who and when and where. So we’ve colored maps for axis and allies and labeled maps with the names of the leaders of the countries. We labeled maps with the countries that Germany barreled through. There are coloring pages for the axis and ally leaders as well. I made a little game for my first grader out of the one coloring page. We are also working on timelines. While we have a paper timeline that we add pieces to for each decade we’re going through, I am having my children make a more specific timeline online. It’s kind of fun because you don’t just add dates and names, but you can add text and pictures and click on the different timeline events to see and read more.

I made up notebooking pages about the evacuation of children during the war using this poster. (younger version)

The kids wrote news articles about the Battle of Britain, starting with this organizer. We listened to an air raid siren and listened to a teacher have her class practice putting on gas masks.

My daughter completed this whole packet of worksheets. Each page has a photograph or poster or political cartoon from the period with questions about it. She really enjoyed doing these, of course, history is one of her favorite subjects which always helps.

We learned about women working during the war and about rationing and looked at and made our own rationing posters.

That’s enough for now. I’ll be back with lots more. Stew has been simmering for three hours. It’s time to eat  🙂



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