World War II part 4

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Let me try and finish this up.

During our study we worked on 2 timelines. One is a paper timeline that we have been working on throughout the year. We don’t put tons of stuff on there, just  a bit for each decade. We put the musicians and artists we studied on there too. The timeline pieces are simple minibooks. You could also cut off the fronts and just use them as images. Right now I can give you the modern history music timeline minibooks, the modern history art timeline minibooks and the timeline decade pages. Our year of study started after the Civil War. Later I’ll have the regular history minibooks for you. In the curriculum there are links to learn about the musicians/artists and to hear/look at their work.

The other timeline we worked on was at Here’s my son’s WWII timeline. You can add text and pictures to the dates and events you add, so it’s like an online lapbook 🙂  My son loves computers, so I like to give him written and computerized work. I do make him do the regular minibooks sometimes too because his small motor skills have always been a struggle. It’s good for him to cut and write at least some. You can’t just always avoid the things you aren’t good at!

Here’s a little worksheet I made up for my daughter (6th grade) to use with this site and this site and others to get the info.

There are some different videos and animations of battles that we watched: Dunkirk  Italian Campaign  D-Day  D-Day video for the older set.

We watched Truman’s inaugural address. We did this worksheet on the atom bomb.  My oldest did this exercise about why the bomb was dropped.

Below is the final exercise for the oldest group. My daughter doesn’t like to read in front of people, but she likes putting on plays. Let them dress up and act it out. It can be more comfortable than giving the speech as yourself.

  1. Now that the war is over. Look back. They say, “Hindsight sight is 20/20.” That means it’s easier to know what to do once you already know the results of your decisions. Read these arguments for and against appeasement. Color code the for and against arguments (you don’t have to follow the directions just mark each blue or red–or whatever colors you choose.) Decide what you think and choose to do either extension 1 or 2.
  2. You have to write to convince them. Have a strong introduction but even stronger conclusion. Leave them convinced that you are right.
  3. Read your speech to your family. Be fiery!

The end. 🙂

Next time I’ll write about preschool 🙂


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World War II part 3 redo Preschool

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