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I haven’t written about science in awhile. WWII really took a long time! We spent the first part of the year working on chemistry. Then we moved onto physics. The last science post I wrote was about electricity and magnetism for which we used a lapbook. Since then we’ve used lots of online resources. Physics is pretty fun!

There are so many great links. I couldn’t possible list them all here.

Here are some fun games to practice forces. My kids would play these any time just for fun.

Puck Chuck



Here are some more resources.

Friction game elementary

Friction game  middle school

Forces worksheet  elementary

Forces worksheet  middle school

We learned about the laws of motion and simple machinesWe watched tons of videos for simple machines. We sang the inclined plane song for days. (That’s a youtube link.) There are School House Rocks and Brain Pop videos that we watched on youtube as well as Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Then we did some online interactives. And played, of course. (This last link has an ad on the page. Look for the little “skip ad” above it.)

Of course you can see all that we do for science at the Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool. 🙂


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Civil Rights Movement

I wanted to share a new, cool online thing we used for this unit we studied. I showed you the online timeline for WWII; for the Civil Rights Movement, we used something called a Museum Box.

You can have as many “shelves” and “drawers” as you like. You can add text, images, videos, websites, power points and more to your cubes. It’s easy to use once you learn to save and “add to cube” each thing you do. Here is a screenshot sample from our family. Each of those pictures is the front of a cube. You click on the cubes to spin them around and see all the different sides.

We watched lots of YouTube videos. I like being able to show my kids videos of the real people. Here are a few links for you:

I Have a Dream short, long 17 min.

James Farmer

Brown vs. the Board of Ed.

Another nice resource I found is the children’s story, “White Socks Only“. You have to find the story on the list. Since I don’t have access to a library, a find like this is exciting.

And, I made up little matching games for names and dates.

I do hope one day I can make my own games. I’m trying to learn javascript at the moment. My son and I are doing it together so he keeps me going.

In other news, I have finished planning one full year of school on my free curriculum. I just wrote up the last course description. Yeah!

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I know that I usually just talk about what we do for school, and well, I’d have to say that actually, unschooling is a part of our school day. Obviously, we aren’t true unschoolers, but there is part of the philosophy that I do believe in, passion driven education.

If you’ve checked out our school assignments, you know that we keep our school day short. School is over in an hour or two, though, it does depend on the day’s assignments. They then get to spend their time on what they really want to do. My daughter draws and reads, especially history books. My son experiments and builds computer games. I am fully aware that these activities are probably going to be more important to their lives than what they do during the few hours they spend on “school.” I can’t, however, let go of “school.”

The unschooling philosophy says that if the child needs it, he’ll get it. If he needs calculus for college, then he’ll get what he needs in order to do that. It’s possible, but oh so hard, when you have to start at algebra or earlier. If you need to or desire to learn a foreign language, you can study it, but a knowledge of English grammar is necessary in order to understand the grammar of another language. You could “get it” at that point, but it would be oh so much easier if you had that foundation. Why handicap your child’s future by not building that foundation? Especially when it can be done in an hour or two a day.


I watched this news report on unschooling (here’s another). The mother is asked if she thinks it is important for her children to know about George Washington, FDR, JFK. The mother basically says no. She questions why it is important. And while I don’t stress my kids memorizing facts, I do want my kids to know their history because those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. There are lessons in history I want them to know. I think they need to know them.

I also just want them to be educated. I do cling to a liberal arts ideal that there is a body of knowledge an educated person should have. I also think the idea of a well-rounded education exposes children to things they might not have realized existed or may not have realized they are interested in. I don’t know how my son would have been exposed to chemistry if we hadn’t studied it. He certainly hadn’t shown any interest in exploring it until we came across it in school.

I do recognize that the news report puts a bad spin on unschooling, but I also think it’s completely unacceptable what they do. They have no rules for their children. Their children do whatever they want. Now, this extreme I would hope would be completely erased by just having Christian unschoolers. The Bible teaches us what we already know, that children are fools. They need our wisdom.

We know that our children are sinful, lazy, and more. They need rules and discipline. Rules and discipline can make for a happy home. My kids are productive during their free time because there is no TV, there are no video games. If my son is spending too much time at the computer, I tell him to take a break and go read for awhile. He needs someone to redirect him sometimes. Don’t your kids? Don’t all kids?

Also in life we have to do things we don’t enjoy sometimes. We have to learn things that we don’t necessarily want to learn, like how to do our taxes. The children in these homeschooling news reports do no chores. Would you want to marry someone who’s been taught they don’t have to do any chores if they don’t want to? Would you want to marry someone or hire someone who has been taught that they should be allowed to do whatever they want?

Jesus teaches that we have to die to self. My kids get to practice that every day when they choose to do the school I have chosen for them before they go on to do their own thing.

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