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The Lord has provided for us in numerous ways. We even have some dramatic tales of His provision. But let me share one about homeschooling. We are in a situation different from most of you because we live overseas. There are resources (like a library!) and experiences (like homeschool coop)  that we have had to give up in order to serve the Lord. You may not live overseas, but you may feel that there are resources and experiences you would like to give your children, but you can’t because of finances. I want to encourage you with this testimony.

One of the things we missed out on by being overseas was free art lessons for my daughter. I’ve talked before about her artistic abilities. I’ve shared the couple of books I’ve been able to give her. But at different times I’ve felt bad that I couldn’t help her progress. My best friend in the States had been an art teacher before being a homeschool mom and gave lessons in her home to homeschoolers. My daughter never got to take those lessons.

Less than six months ago my daughter started free art lessons here! My husband met an artist in the street one day. He is a refugee and was excited that he could speak Russian with my husband (his college major). He invited my husband to bring our then eleven-year-old daughter to the weekly lesson he taught. Everyone but us paid for lessons. (You also have to realize that our family lives in the poor neighborhood  where the refugees live and not in the fancy neighborhoods the other students come from. We live simply so people see that and want to help us out, plus the artist was just excited to speak Russian!)

After a few months he asked my husband to bring our daughter as often as possible to work with him on his commissions. She now goes four times a week for a couple of hours at a time and works alongside him on drawings and paintings that people have ordered. What an amazing opportunity to be apprenticed! How unbelievable that she has worked on paintings that have sold for $500!

I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to provide art instruction. He gave her the gift and He is seeing to it that it is developed. It’s much easier now to trust that He will do the same for all of her younger brothers.

I’ve also been thrilled to get a few emails recently from families who are using my online curriculum, calling it the Lord’s provision for them. I am so happy the Lord is using me to help families continue homeschooling when they are faced with unemployment. If you know of families considering giving up homeschooling because of finances, please let them know about the curriculum.


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  • 1. Jimmie  |  May 16, 2012 at 4:34 am

    Praise the Lord! What a great testimony of provision. I saw that sketch of the Turkish lady but had no idea it was your daughter’s! It’s gorgeous. She is working hard with what God has provided.

    • 2. The King Will Make a Way  |  May 16, 2012 at 5:47 am

      She has come a huge way in the last few months she’s been doing this, but she does work hard at it. She’s at the art shop at least eight hours a week and spends a couple of hours every day working on projects at home. She has much better ones actually, but they were done at the art shop with teacher help so I don’t use those as examples of her work. Right now she’s making me a souvenir from Macedonia since we have none. She’s making a painting of our favorite picnic spot, hidden behind trees along a shallow part of the river. We used to go on picnics every morning for breakfast when the weather was nice. Now we picnic on the balcony mostly.


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