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Summer School

Last year was the first time we didn’t school year round because I was working on writing their assignments online and wanted to get ahead of them. We are taking this summer off as well, in part.

Everyone has something they are doing. Two boys are working on handwriting a little each day. My daughter is working on her Arabic and I’m having her go through math assessments to see if there is anything she needs practice on. She’s been using only Kahn Academy. I’ve been making the math assessments, one each day, using my new JavaScript skills. I’m still adding to it.

My oldest son and I are still studying JavaScript using Code Academy.  I’m having him do math just two days a week to keep it from slipping away over our two month break.

Other than that they are doing the usual:

working on computers

painting and drawing

playing around — He was one of the tailors in the living room version of The Emperor’s New Clothes.


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The End

We finished another school year. I still haven’t finalized our portfolios though :S  Note to self…

The last three weeks we worked on a big project. They chose a research topic related to our school year theme and wrote a report, did an experiment and created a 3D project based on it.

I made them present their projects and I videoed them with my laptop, awkward, but the best we have for the job. It was excruciating for them to present, but they did it. I had a science fair page on my curriculum, so I added history fair to it and put their videos there. If  you use the curriculum, send in your kids work, and I’ll post it! Living in a city with no other homeschoolers, we obviously don’t get to have coop and science fairs and such, so this is our best effort. (My son did his 3D project on the computer; he built a 3D model on the computer, so you can’t see it.)

It may not be the best work in the world, but I’m proud of them. Their work is their own and they did their reports by following the instructions in the curriculum from researching to outlining to writing and revising.  Panama Canal  Computers

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