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Our First Week of School

We’ve finished week 1 of 36. It already seems to be flying by for me, which only means I’m getting old. Above is my 12-year-old daughter supervising preschool with the 4 year old. It’s nice to have her to do that.

This year we are studying biology for science and we started with the human body and skin.

While we all study the same thing at the same time, like skin, the assignments are broken into older and younger. Above is older…below is younger…That’s the outline of my second grader. They will be filling it in as we study the different body systems. I decided to let the fifth grader do the younger assignments along with the second grader, even though he’s supposed to be in the older group. They are best buds anyway, and I wanted the second grader to have a partner to work with. They are using Mr. Q’s life science textbook as a base.

For history we are studying ancient history and we started with Egypt. The younger kids are doing the lapbook from Pratical Pages. The younger kids also practiced with a BC timeline. Everyone played the pyramid game. It is not easy to get that pyramid built!

We even got a little review of physics from last year.


I mentioned before my oldest son saying, “I can’t write poems” on the first day of school. On the second day he didn’t have to. On the third day the scene repeated. On the fourth day I transformed our chore chart into a cheerful worker chart and threatened the loss of computer time if there were complaints. He asked for help with his poem. On the fifth day he wrote it quickly by himself, following all the directions and without problem. First problem solved.


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We’ve Gone and Done It

We were going to wait until July, but it’s 106. What else are we going to do? We started school. We take off Thursday and Friday so Saturday’s a school day for us. And what a day. We don’t have central air, but we still felt it when the power and water went off today. The power was off twice today, the second time for a couple of hours. The water is still off.

The first thing each kid had to do (except the preschooler) was a following directions worksheet. I explain that it’s important to read all of the directions before they click on their links for school and that they need to follow all of the directions. Some of the grades have real follow direction practice worksheets, like my second grader here. Some had those trick worksheets that say to read through all the directions before starting and then the last direction is to not do the worksheet. My daughter did the whole thing. Lesson learned.

The first day was pretty easy stuff, and we finished quickly. The only sticking point was my fifth grader and poetry. I don’t like poetry myself and always put our month of poetry first to get it over with. My son is sure he cannot write poems. But with the heat on and the power out for a couple of hours there was nothing else to do. So he got it done. Little by little. Only 19 more days of poetry to go.

Today we just did some background to early history and science. Tomorrow we begin ancient Egypt and the human body. Hope you are staying cool. (Made with Scratch which is part of 4th grade in the Easy Peasy Homeschool)

My daughter just came in to say the water is back on. Now I can wash the dishes. Yeah!

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Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool

I’ve been getting ready for our new school year which starts in just a few weeks! Summer came a little too early for me this year and it’s already in the 90s and we’re supposed to have our first 100 degree day this weekend. We’ll be starting our school at the end of this month, and then you’ll be hearing from me more regularly as I post what we are doing for school.

This year our history theme is ancient history. I’ve already posted lessons on ancient Egypt and China and Mesopotamia and the Mayans. For science the major theme is biology. I’ve been working on the human body so far. My seven year old boy had so much fun testing out a video on the excretory system with me today. He couldn’t wait to tell his brothers it was about peeing. I need an eyeball rolling emoticon here 🙂

My oldest son taught me how to make a video of my screen. I tried to make a video about my online curriculum (my kids’ school assignments). It’s not that great, but here it is.



My daughter, just today, had 10 pieces of artwork in her first art exhibition. It was an exhibition of local artisans. There were weavers, metal workers, embroiderers, even dancers.

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