Our First Week of School

June 21, 2012 at 8:19 am Leave a comment

We’ve finished week 1 of 36. It already seems to be flying by for me, which only means I’m getting old. Above is my 12-year-old daughter supervising preschool with the 4 year old. It’s nice to have her to do that.

This year we are studying biology for science and we started with the human body and skin.

While we all study the same thing at the same time, like skin, the assignments are broken into older and younger. Above is older…below is younger…That’s the outline of my second grader. They will be filling it in as we study the different body systems. I decided to let the fifth grader do the younger assignments along with the second grader, even though he’s supposed to be in the older group. They are best buds anyway, and I wanted the second grader to have a partner to work with. They are using Mr. Q’s life science textbook as a base.

For history we are studying ancient history and we started with Egypt. The younger kids are doing the lapbook from Pratical Pages. The younger kids also practiced with a BC timeline. Everyone played the pyramid game. It is not easy to get that pyramid built!

We even got a little review of physics from last year.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvLDkNdDrqY&feature=player_embedded&w=360&h=250]

I mentioned before my oldest son saying, “I can’t write poems” on the first day of school. On the second day he didn’t have to. On the third day the scene repeated. On the fourth day I transformed our chore chart into a cheerful worker chart and threatened the loss of computer time if there were complaints. He asked for help with his poem. On the fifth day he wrote it quickly by himself, following all the directions and without problem. First problem solved.


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We’ve Gone and Done It School Days

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