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Some of the Old and a Bit of the New

Looking at the free stuff page, I realized that I had given you the art and music timeline pieces, but at the end of our school year I never posted the history timeline pieces. Each timeline piece can be used as a picture or minibook. Here is the download for the Modern History Timeline. On the Free Stuff! page you can find the decade pages if you want them. Those are just blank pages with like 1910 written at the top and a line down the middle of the page.


And while I’m on old…here is my experiment worksheet  that I use all the time. It just has a place for hypothesis, materials, procedure, etc. I have a younger version too which I call the experiment book because it’s a page for each of those things.  I have added all of these downloads to the Free Stuff! page.

And here’s a picture from our week past.

We just started ancient China this past week and here’s my daughter making a scroll of Confucius’ five virtues.

I hope some of you can enjoy seeing my husband’s crazy desk. We’re not perfect here!


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School Days

Our official day doesn’t start until 8:30 (it’s 7:30 in the winter). Breakfast is always first and then the kids get dressed and do their chores. (The chores can change with the seasons as well.) My preschooler starts his school as soon as he and my daughter are finished their chores. They are always done first. She supervises his work. She finds the right day in his curriculum and shows him what worksheet he needs to do.

The first thing on our school day schedule is math for the two oldest at 10:00. This is so that my husband is available to supervise and help my daughter with her math and I’m available to supervise and help my son with his math. And I help my husband when he’s stuck on his math. I was actually a math major, so I don’t fear the coming years of math. 🙂

Then the older two boys (5th and 2nd) pair up to work on history and science. When that’s done, they split up to finish their work. They can finish by noon. Sometimes there are distractions…

I noticed the boys weren’t at the computer and went to find them. They had joined in an unofficial story time when they heard my daughter reading to the four year old. I didn’t tell them to get back to work.

Our wall body is starting to fill in. It’s up so high so the one year old doesn’t think he can draw on it too.

The second grader really enjoys school. His favorite links so far have been in music and art. Here he is virtual drumming. In art he went back again and again to explore cave paintings.

We are finishing up ancient Egypt. Last year we did a minibook timeline in a binder. This year we are just using timeline pages. Here is what the younger kids are using, putting the date on the line and then adding words and pictures off to the side. The older timeline is used on the computer. You can type right onto it and save and print.

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My husband’s Language and Culture Classes


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