The Mayas and a Vocab Freebie

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We moved from Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to Ancient China and now on to the Mayas in South America.

These are the two sites we used for information: younger  older.

Each day as the children read they wrote down what they found to be interesting or important. I let them choose for themselves. I also let them choose for themselves where to keep the information. My son chose to do a Power Point presentation and each day added a slide. I gave every links to clip art they could use. My daughter made a poster.

She drew the pictures and just wrote out facts to include.

We also do our music and art related to history, so we listened to Mayan music on youtube and made Mayan pottery (our version of it). You make snakes and layer circles up the pot.

This is my oldest son’s pot.

This marked 40 days into our curriculum, which means time for the portfolio. Every forty days I collect something from each subject and put it in the binder. I’ve never turned in a portfolio, but I keep one just in case we end up in the States and I need to turn something in. I have had to register my kids and turn in “objectives” and a bunch of other information that I shouldn’t have to, but we’ve never been around for portfolio time. I make it easy for myself by writing right in the kids’ assignments. “Do your work neatly and give your paper to a parent when you are finished to add to your portfolio.” Then the kids remind me, and I don’t have to remember. We are supposed to show “progress,” so I have quarterly examples. I try to vary what is in there because we are also supposed to show what materials we used. We are supposed to keep a record of every book read and every resource used. This is impossible. Do you know how many links are on my kids’ school? I give samples of the types of materials they use. We’re also supposed to have a log of what we do. That’s easy. I just print out the curriculum website and it has the assignments for every day. I think it’s all a waste of time and effort!

Here’s another sample of work. My second grader had to draw pictures of his vocab words as part of the vocab sheets I made for him. Here is “exasperated.” Do you see the smoke coming out of the ears? After he drew that he never forgot. Here’s the download vocabulary worksheet. It has a place for the word, the definition, the sentence where you found it and a picture. It has room for two words a page and has a little bit of color on it.


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