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Here are my kids’ attempts at making their own newspaper about the Revolution. These are the front pages. They each have a back. My daughter’s on the right (4th grade) follows the template included in the lapbook pretty closely, but she added ads! My son (2nd grade) did his own thing. I had him just write who, what, where, when and why questions and then the answers instead of trying to form them into an article. My daughter had to answer all those questions in her articles.

Here’s the link to the Revolutionary War newspaper template. We used this as a guide and the kids made these themselves using Microsoft Publisher. (Here’s a link to download free software similar to Publisher.)

You can read revolution newspapers here. Each picture and title is a link to a newspaper article written about the event as if it just happened. This is a PBS site.

We also played Liberty’s Kids. This is a computer game where you are reporters and you ask the 5 W’s to the different characters and save the best quotes for your newspaper. You get points for choosing the best quotes–full of details and containing facts, not opinions. I bought it several years ago from the free homeschool software website–warning, they’re lying. It’s not free. Free, plus $7 shipping and handling PER item!


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